CEECOACH Bluetooth Communications

Smartly Connected

Ceecoach program for trainers and students

Are you an equestrian trainer or student?  Either way, the CEECOACH is the perfect tool to make lessons more productive, safe and fun.   

As many trainers have learned, the CEECOACH can save your voice after a long day of training and reduce confusion when near other coaches and their students in the warm-up ring.  Students have learned the CEECOACH makes lessons more productive and parents know they are now getting their money's worth for each lesson.  It will quickly pay for itself.

In addition, many of our trainers have found that their students take much better care of the equipment if they have purchased it on their own.  Therefore, we would like to help both trainers and students in their pursuit of excellence by offering special discounts on CEECOACH devices.


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If you are a trainer (or want to get your trainer involved) contact us at ceecoach@peiker-international.com   Once we are able to verify you are a trainer, CEECOACH will offer the following:

  • 10% Discount on CEECOACH Duo Kit (excluding Limited Edition devices).  One for you as a trainer and one that you can rent to students
  • 12% Discount on CEECOACH Single Sets for your Students through a special discount code you can give to students only
  • Additional special offers and promotions available if you agree to provide CEECOACH information in your stable, hang a banner and/or promote CEECOACH through social media
  • CEECOACH will also be happy to add your contact information in our list of partner trainers throughout North America to help out when students are looking for trainers near them