CEECOACH Bluetooth Communications

Smartly Connected


CEECOACH software

The CEECOACH requires sophisticated electronics and on-board firmware to be able to provide you with the excellent communications you are used to with it.  Our team in Germany is always working to make that firmware even better and add cool new features.  Therefore, we have put together a software application to run on your PC and let you update the CEECOACH firmware or change settings on it.  Please see the information below on how to install and use the software interface.


Step 1 - Instructions

We know people do not like to read instructions, but we ask you to check these out to better understand  how to use the program.  View and download the guide below.


Step 2 - CEECOACH Software interface

To interface with your CEECOACH, please download our CEECOACH application.  Once installed and opened, you can connect your CEECOACH to the computer via the charging USB cable to perform firmware updates and manage certain device settings.   This application may be updated from time to time, so make sure you have the latest version.  It is only available on PC's now.  We are working to add Apple compatibility as soon as our hardware allows it.   Please  note you will also need to download the latest firmware in Step 3.


Step 3 - CEECOACH Device firmware

The CEECOACH firmware is the file to be installed onto the device.  This firmware is what turns the CEECOACH from a bunch of electronic components into the solution you enjoy.  As our development team comes up with new features or fixes bugs we have found, this firmware will be updated.  So, please check back often, especially if you are having any issues with your device.