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CEECOACH 1 Exchange program

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CEECOACH 1 Exchange program

Do you want a CEECOACH 2 but no longer have a need for your CEECOACH 1?  We now have a limited time program just for you.  With our CEECOACH 1 exchange program, you can mail your original, working devices to us and receive a $65 USD credit per unit to go towards your purchase of CEECOACH 2 units. 

Here is how it works...

Step 1 - The Rules

- Discount valid for orders placed with the discount code after May 23rd, 2018

-  Valid only for customers shipping from the US

- Discount only applicable once per CEECOACH 1 unit exchanged

- Please only send the CEECOACH device (no headset, cables, etc.) 

Step 2 - 

Go to your local postal office or store and pack your working CEECOACH unit or units (please contact us first if you have more than two units) into a USPS box and send them to our main office here.  Please include your name and email address.  We suggest the USPS "Small Flat Rate Box"

Step 3 - 

Receive a Discount Code from us equivalent to $65 USD per CEECOACH 1 unit that you can use towards purchasing CEECOACH 2 kits

Step 4 - 

Go to our online Shop and order a CEECOACH 2 kit.  Apply the Discount Code you received from us

Step 5 - 

Receive your order and enjoy your new CEECOACH 2 with compatibility to Bluetooth wireless headsets!!