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for customers shipping to addresses in canada


If you reside in canada and want your products shipped there…

We recommend you contact our official partner and distributor Canadian Saddlery at info@canadiansaddlery.com

We here at CEECOACH have seen over the past years that shipping into Canada can end up being quite expensive for our customers due to the duty and tax costs on products shipping from the US. To help with this, we have partnered with a great distributor named Canadian Saddlery. They do not sell directly to end users, but they have a wide network of Canadian dealer partners and will be happy to put you in touch with a dealer near you who can sell you standard CEECOACH units and accessories without having to worry about heavy duty costs at the end. Canadian customers are still welcome to order directly from our website, but please be aware there will be additional tax costs associated with this. At this time, refurbished units are available directly through the CEECOACH-US.COM website only.